Mark-2011-2Mark Lauden is an author and storyteller. He’s usually happy in the present, though he enjoys exploring how things got to be the way they are, and where they’re going. He has written about technology and about the future of architecture, writing as Mark Lauden Crosley. Recently, he has taken on the challenge of examining the recent past, in narrative nonfiction form.

Many of Mark’s stories are from the turbulent times of his high school and college years, and these form the basis of Some Way Outa Here. The book is an “on the ground” history of the time, told from one boy’s point of view. The stories of one year make a seamless personal narrative that illuminates a nearly lost time.

Mark is also a serial careerist who has made furniture, houses, software and short-form documentary videos. When time permits, Mark plays guitar and sings in an obscure rock and roll band called Partly Foggy. He has three daughters, who survived their own childhood intact and are now pursuing eclectic careers. He lives in San Francisco in a house he built a long time ago and which is, so far, still standing.