Stories about the end of the 1960s

I’m really excited that readers are sharing their own stories of the end of the 1960s with me…not just telling me whether or not they “like” the book. Whether it’s the music, stories about the draft and peace protests, drugs, the dawn of feminism and environmentalism, and just surviving in a world that seemed to be going nuts – everyone seems to have stories.

That’s how I started writing the book – I discovered that young people  didn’t understand how the military draft affected everyone back then. The idea that any boy could be sent off to fight (and very possibly die or be maimed) in a preposterous war is as unheard of as, well, a world without cell phones. (Who could believe that?)  Then I realized how many other incredible things happened at the same time…and I wrote them down.

What was your favorite memory of the late ’60s? Is it true that if you can remember that time you weren’t really there? And if you really weren’t there – as in not born yet – what’s the best story you’ve heard about the time? I’d love to collect them here. Just click “comment”! Some Way Outa Here 1960s collage

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