What’s in a name?

Every blog starts somewhere, and this one starts here.

Who am I? That’s a fair question, since even those of you who know me might be a little confused.

I was born as Mark Alexis Lauden. If you read my new book, Some Way Outta Here, you’ll understand.

My parents changed my name when my mother remarried. Why? Back then (I was 11), divorce was something you didn’t want to talk about. It was a lot easier if everyone in a family had the same name. So I went along willingly, giving little thought to the implications of losing my family name. (I did keep it as my middle name, and used it.)

What implications? Our names are part of who we are, right? They define us. So I was redefined. It was OK at the time, and even when my “adopted” name felt odd, I got used to it.

But when my children were born, I gave them my family name: Lauden. It was a tribute to my father, and a small act of rebellion. It was also very ironic: we were a mulitiple last name family. And since my wife kept her last name, we were a three last name family.

When I wrote a book about growing up, it seemed natural to write it under my born-as name. Glad I did. Sorry for any confusion, but I’m comfortable with it.

Yours truly,

Mark Lauden

PS: “What’s in a Name (book version)” will follow. How and why did I name Some Way Outa Here?