Some Way Outa Here… “Modern America’s coming of age story”

Some Way Outa Here 1960sSo begins Mark Lauden’s Some Way Outa Here, a memoir of 12 months that changed America, from the first moon landing through Kent State.

It’s America’s coming of age story, seen through the eyes of young people facing their own growing-up struggles.

It’s about turmoil in the streets, cultural revolution…finding identity and sanity…and it’s about about promises and love, dreams and nightmares, and a remarkable girl who changes everything.

Some Way Outa Here is a deeply personal memoir about what life was really like in America during one amazing, pivotal year. It’s the story of how we became who we are today.

A great holiday gift!

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Some Way Outa Here reviews on Amazon:

“This story perfectly captured the magic of the era. There is humor and pathos at every turn. Absolutely wonderful!”
“I loved this book. Anyone interested in what life was like in the late 60’s should read it. I learned a lot about that time – required reading for anyone who wasn’t there.”
“I read this book in one day. I literally could not put it down. It is a coming of age story of a very sweet, thoughtful boy, in extremely tumultuous and exciting times. A good story, well told.”
“The compelling characters capture the innocence, idealism and intensity of the era. With vivid imagery, fast paced storytelling and fun-to-remember details, he transports us back to relive this incredible time. If you weren’t there, you will discover a time when a generation of (often confused) young people rose up to change a country and a society.”